We Heal on all Three Levels of the Mind

When I was learning about the power of the mind during my hypnotherapy courses, I was captivated  to learn that we heal on all three levels of the mind:  Consciously, Unconsciously and on the level of Spirit Consciousness.

The conscious mind is the thinking mind, it is involved with our constant thoughts , everyday actions, logic and judgment.  it is analytical, reasoning and intellectual.  I recall being stunned when I learned this level of the mind hold only 10% of our power, 90% of our power comes from the unconscious mind.  The unconscious mind many times is likened to a huge DVD, a database, search engine, or storage house of all life experiences, traumas, fears, events, emotional obstacles, imprints, impressions, beliefs and is also the level of the mind that receives suggestions.  This occurs while we are in a hypnotic trance either with a therapist, utilizing self hypnosis or listening to a hypnotic recording.

The conscious and unconscious levels of the mind are also compared to an iceberg.  That is, the tip of the iceberg which is visible, represents the conscious mind and the enormous, vast mass of the iceberg which lies invisible beneath the surface of the water is the uncoils mind.

During my previous professional life as a nurse, I came to understand the great power of the unconscious mind.   It controls a multitude of processes within the body.  This level of the mind never sleeps , it keeps our hearts beating, keeps us breathing, hair growing, good digesting, repairing cells and many many other processes of the body without any conscious awareness or effort on our part.

The unconscious mind has received and recorded everything that has ever happened to us since we came into existence.  Though we may not consciously remember all of these things, the unconscious mind remembers and we are actually behaving from these imprints, impressions, thoughts, ideas, beliefs, opinions , and experiences.  It is as if a computer program were continually running yet we are not consciously aware of all that exists in the programming.   When we go within during hypnosis, we are accessing the unconscious mind and communicating with this level in order to remove blocks and to utilize the power of the unconscious mind.   In this way, we cease to be a victim to the old outdated recordings which no longer serves us.  Especially those which keep us stuck in old paradigms , old negative, harmful patterns.   This frees us to bring into our lives what we want ; free to love, nurture, nourish and find The Truth within ourselves.

The third level of the mind is extremely important in healing and accessing our True self and purpose.   This is the level of Spirit Consciousness, it is in this third level of the mind where the Higher Self or the True Self resides.  The bridge from conscious mind to Spirit Consciousness lies in the unconscious mind.  As we go within during hypnosis as mentioned , we remove the blocks that had previously prevented u from reaching our True Self.  It is here in this level of the mind which encompasses the energy of unconditional  love of self and others, Light, Wisdom, Peace, Truth, Compassion and Forgiveness.  Leading us to know our True Self and connecting to our true purpose, path,  and passion thus leading us forward in very healthy, powerful and positive ways.

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