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A percentage of all proceeds from CD and mp3 purchases as well as class fees benefits the House Of Ruth; one of the Nation’s leading domestic violence centers, helping thousands of women and children find safety and security.

An exploration of the forest we all have insideWe all have a forest inside full of feelings, thoughts, memories, traumas, loves, light, shadows, plant, trees, future generations, past generations… taking time to walk in that forest make us to understand better ourselves, in the same way that walking in the forest around our home allow us to become familiar with it.Nature is not something that happens outside us, we are not a part of the Nature, we are just Nature.

Using Hypnosis to Support Physical and Emotional Healing

Discover ways to connect with your innate healing power.  Using principles of hypnosis, you can bring about a transformation of attitudes, life changes and healing.  This online course includes a one hour audio lecture, five handouts including how to do self hypnosis and experience two guided healing hypnosis sessions which...
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Conquer Negative Thinking and Reclaim your Power

Learn the power within to give yourself the gift of peace and calm.  In this online course, you will discover ways to better manage stress, anger, fear and negative self talk. You will learn how to shift out of old negative, habituated patterns and reclaim your power.  This course includes...

Develop Self Love and Self Worth

Develop a deeper understanding and love for yourself.  Get in touch with the powerful truth of who you really are.  This online course includes a one-hour audio lecture, 5 handouts, including how to do self-hypnosis, and also a guided hypnosis meditation to integrate and reinforce your new feelings of self-love...

Online Self Hypnosis Course

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool that can enrich your life immensely.  You can learn to modify behaviors, reduce stress, fears and reach other important goals you have for your life. This course consists of 4  handouts and 45 minutes of lecture material, including a guided hypnosis session.  The hypnosis...

Anxiety And Stress Reduction – Online Course

This course includes more than 6 hours of instruction, 22 handouts, as well as learning and experiencing guided relaxation, self- hypnosis, meditative/hypnotic processes, various techniques and tools for stress and anxiety reduction, education on using hypnosis and learning about the mind/body/spirit connection.
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