Transform Fear

Transform Fear

When we hear fearful things going on in the world around us, it’s easy to get caught up in it. It is so easy to give in to the fear that many are holding right now.

However, with new tools, we can move away from fear and experience the freedom to live a life that is more centered, grounded and peaceful.

You may ask yourself the following questions to determine to what degree fear is impacting your life:

  1. Is my fear taking up a lot of my time? Do I think about it obsessively?
  2. Is my fear affecting the other relationships in my life? That is, am inpatient with loved ones or withdrawing from emotional engagement with others?
  3. Is my fear affecting my physical condition? Do my hands shake frequently? Is my pulse often rapid? Do I get lots of headaches? Do I often feel depressed?

Sadly, today many are answering these above questions in the affirmative. The current pandemic has brought forth varying degrees of fear in most of us.

There is an excellent book by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D called: “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.” But can we just ‘do it anyway?” or do we need tools to break through what is being the norm? Through my personal and professional experience I believe we need tools. Don’t you feel better when you can ‘do’ something to correct what is not working for you? The problem is not knowing what to do. So in this blog article I will share tools to use so you can move yourself out of fear when you need to.

TOOL #1. Set your day with a positive focus

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D, author of “The Four Fold Way and Signs of Life,” developed a series of simple questions for a workshop that changed the way people began to view their lives. She suggested keeping a daily journal in which, as night falls, you look back on your day and answer these questions:

  1. What surprised you today?
  2. What moved you?
  3. What inspired you?

The interesting phenomenon occurs not when we answer the questions, but when we start our day expecting that we will have to answer them as evening comes. Knowing that we’ll have to answer these questions starts the process of looking at the world in these terms. This process keeps us focused on our good rather than on our fears.

TOOL #2. Use your subconscious mind to maintain a positive focus with meditation.

Both meditation and self hypnosis, practiced daily, help by releasing chemicals that calm us. Repeating a mantra or affirmation helps calm the mind, keeping it focused on something positive rather than running rampant with fear.

The following “METTA MEDITATION/LOVING KINDNESS MEDITATION” helps you to become aware of all that is going well with you, rather than focusing on that which you feel is negative/not working in your life. This meditation helps to bring about a sense of safety, security, and thankfulness. As you do this meditation daily, you will begin to lose the over identification with ego and move into a sense of identification with your higher self/true self. Understanding that over identification with the ego mind causes suffering. As you identify with your higher self/true self it allows you to love yourself as you love others and reach out to others in a vaster way.

Please begin this meditation by sitting or lying in a comfortable position , close your eyes and begin breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly 5 times. As you say each of the 4 statements listed below, begin first with those whom you love, then repeat the same 4 statements with those whom you feel neutral, then those with whom you have difficulty, then moving out to your neighborhood, state, the entire country, to the planet and finally saying these 4 statements to yourself:

“May you be filled with loving-kindness”

“May you be well”

“May you be peaceful and at ease”

“May you be happy”

At the end , when you direct these statement to yourself say:

“May I be filled with loving-kindness’

‘May I be well”

“May I be peaceful and at ease”

‘May I be happy”

TOOL #3. “Peace/Finger to Thumb”

Whenever you are feeling fearful, upset, anxious, stressed etc. simply take a deep breath into your tummy, think the word “Peace” and press together the index finger to thumb on your dominant hand, as if you are making an ‘ok’ sign. Then slowly exhale and let go of the hold on those fingers. As you do so, you are filled with peace and also the comfort of knowing that the energy of peace is anchored right there in that simple touch between your finger and thumb.

As with all these tools, it takes time and practice but you will see a difference as you practice daily. It takes 8 weeks for permanent changes to occur, however, you will notice a gradual improvement as you continue to practice daily. Please practice these tools every day, even if you feel you don’t need it, then they will be there strongly when you do need it.

With these new tools you can move away from fear and experience the freedom to live a life of centeredness, grounding and peace. When you access the power of your mind to work with you, you realize you are a powerful creator.

Please visit my site: to download a free “Living with Inner Peace” recording, to help deepen the feelings of peace and calmness you so deserve.


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