Thursday’s Thoughts

Thomas Szasz  in “Personal Conduct,”  The Second Sin,  1973  stated: “People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself.  But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.”

As a therapist specializing in hypnotherapy, I do believe the self is ‘something one creates.’  As the client relaxes deeply in hypnosis,  the critical factor of the mind is set aside so that one can focus deeply on the healing suggestions.  Hypnosis is a very subtle tool and works by changing attitudes , beliefs, habits and perceptions.  Whether experiencing hypnosis during a private session or through listening to hypnosis recordings, one begins to create the True Self that lies within.    This place of creation is one that can be returned to again and again , at any time , in order to find your deepest resources and strengths.  Creating a Self that can relax into life , to easily cope with the ups and downs that are part of normal life.  Creating a Self that feels safe, secure and ease as you go about your daily life.


Through the proper use of hypnosis, one can promote feelings of well-being, achieve goals, release any negative thoughts, experiences and beliefs from the past so they no longer control one’s life in the present.  During the experience of hypnosis, one is being guided within to  a journey of self-discovery and healing.   Leading to the creation of  the True Self within and simultaneously beginning to create an external life filled with peace, serenity, harmony and truth.    It is a journey each of us deserves to take as it leads to the creation of who we truly are and the experience of great joy in that discovery.












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