Thoughts to Help Keep your Mind More Positive

Many of us become pulled down into negative thinking.  This occurs through our self- defeating , negative, critical thoughts and our reactions to events and others.

Thus , let us look at how to keep your mind in a more positive state.  How to think positive thoughts about anything, how to experience positive emotions no matter what is happening around us.  If you watch the news, you realize that there is a lot of negativity occurring.  It is not necessary to cover them over and repress how you really feel, however, it is important to get some perspective and to opt our of the negative  at least some of the time in order you do not get pulled down into the negative energy.

We all carry scripts, thoughts and critical ideas about things.  Sadly, many people have strong self-defeated voices inside them.  Many individuals feel they have failed in some way, others are critical of their bodies , while others are dealing with worries concerning their health.   Others do not like their work or feel they will never make the amount of money they have dreamed about.  Other times people feel they will never succeed at reaching goals . Sometimes we are carrying around  a lot of old hurts especially from those we had trusted.   Often these negative thoughts and patterns have been reinforced from the time we were young. Thus it is difficult at times to maintain a positive frame of mind.

However, you can allow them and let yourself feel these recurring negative thoughts and feelings. Allow those thoughts and feelings to come up and move through them.  There are ways to do this and transform those unwanted thoughts and feelings.

There is a part of ourselves that is truly positive.  It is the core of who we truly are; this part has been referred to as the Higher Self,  True Self, Authentic Self, or Wise Self.   It is filled with love, light and healing power.  When we access this place within, it is then impossible to identify with these negative thoughts and feelings.  Thus, it is very important that we reach this part of ourself as often as possible.

One way to reach this Higher Self, is through meditation.  When we meditate on a regular basis, we are able to release the layers of negativity and access this positive part of ourselves.  Through my experience and understanding, underneath the layers of negativity exists this True Higher Self.  When we go deep enough inside to this place, we can heal anger, fear, negative thinking, anxious thinking and so forth.

One way to meditate , is to become quiet and close your eyes.   Begin focusing on your breathing.  Some people like to count backwards from 100-1 allowing themselves to go deeper with each number.  You can also repeat a ‘mantra’ such as : ” I AM”  or another positive phrase.  Repeating a positive mantra over and over as you go deeper deeper.  If thoughts intrude, allow them, no worries, just let them pass as if their clouds drifting across the landscape of your mind.  Then simply come back to your breathing , counting and positive mantra.    Through practice, you will gradually go deeper each time , accessing this place of love, peace, positivity, endless possibilities etc. more and more.

In future posts, I will talk more about further ways you can transform and overcome negative thinking.  In the meantime, please practice meditation daily as you cultivate and attitude of gratitude.  Becoming aware of all the things of which you are truly grateful and blessed.


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