Some Spiritual Techniques for Clearing the Mind

The Persian Lyric Poet Hafêz  wrote:  “I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.”    It is  important for each of us to acknowledge this incredible Light within ourselves.  Looking at some ways, some techniques to bring forth this Light within ourselves.  Especially when we are struggling with negative thoughts, emotions and experiences.

One of the questions  you can ask yourself to open up to the experience of healing is : ” Can I experience more love here?”   Or  “What is it that I need?”   There are many ways to bring unconditional love to self in order to align with your Light.  You can bring love to the child inside or to a part that’s hurt or that feels unloved. You can bring love to your mind and your thoughts or stand back from your mind and surround it with a blanket of pure love.  Bringing in this love can be done through imagining a Great Being, angelic force, or inner guide who lifts you up into higher love.  It can be done through experiencing pure gratitude for all you have, all you are, and all that is coming to you now.

Perhaps thinking of this question as well: ” Can I step back from this and see it in a new way?”   Our Wise Self  also known as Higher Self  can help us to see another way of looking at a problem.  As you become quiet for a few moments, asking your Higher Self to help you see this problem; the negative thoughts, emotions , or experience from Higher Self’s expanded vision.

In doing so, you might be shown that your experience is something that you need to learn from.  You may see that everything is an opportunity to become strong and to come to know God.  You might see that you are blessed and that your own suffering is lighter than you thought. Perhaps you may see that you can shift your thinking and become free from previous suffering.  Thus, when you are able to stand back from your experience, from this expanded vision, your Higher Self will help you to see the underlying truth.

In order to bring more Light into your body, mind, to any situation , you bring forth your power to visualize this Light in a variety of ways:   Visualize/imagine the Light surrounding you and loving you.  Imagine it healing someone who is difficult to love.   Visualize a room , a healing room of Light that absolutely transforms you.  Imagine the Light surrounding an old incident that needs healing .  You can also imagine yourself becoming illuminated and transformed by the Light.

As you imagine and feel this Light , in whatever way or ways feel best for you , you may also think of the following healing questions:  “Can I experience more compassion here?”  “Can I quiet my mind and find peace?”  “What am I learning here?”

Lama Zopa is a great Buddhist monk who is also a beloved author .  One of his books is called: “Transforming Problems into Happiness.”  Some of Lama Zopa’s profound beliefs are as follows:

  1. You can use your problems to train your mind to move to higher states of awareness and happiness. When negative thinking arises, see them as friends and teachers , helping you to see an underlying greater Truth.
  2. Lama Zopa, also spoke of the importance of training your mind to be happy.  That problems are ultimately trying to liberate you.  For example, if someone is angry with you , see their anger with compassion, for they are suffering.  Think of how others are suffering also.  Use your problems as a way to become more spiritual ,  use them to train your mind to be happy.
  3. Shift your negative thoughts by refocusing on uplifting truths which leads to thought transformation

As you look at your experience , describe it , pay attention to it, you can then bring Light to it in any way or ways that feel right to you.  Helping you to move your consciousness to another level, one that is illuminated with Light, peace and well being.

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