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Renew Your Mind, Renew Your Life

Who am I ?   Why can’t I reach my goals in life? What is that will make me truly happy? How can I cope with this ?   These questions, among others, are those we ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Sometimes these questions come up spontaneously , other times they are triggered by a significant or traumatic life event.  For eg., the intense and challenging year we have all experienced.  During this time we spent much time at home , in introspection , we may  begin to wonder who we really are beneath the layers of old resentments, stories, expectations of others, hurts, injustices, trauma and so forth.   These questions beg us to answer what would make me truly happy, content , and fulfilled. What is my true path, purpose and passion? What is the truth within me?

As a psychotherapist specializing in hypnotherapy , I have had the privilege and honor of guiding others to healing and transformation.   Through my experience, I have found hypnosis to be an invaluable tool in assisting others to transform their lives in very powerful, positive and meaningful ways.

Hypnosis, very simply put, is a very relaxed but focused state of mind. The hypnotherapist does not ‘put you into a trance’ but guides the client into a very relaxed, calm and peaceful state of mind. Whether I am teaching others in person or through the written word, or seeing a client for the first time , the most important point I emphasize is that one is always in control during the hypnotic process. Also, hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind For example, we all experience a trance state when we are daydreaming, engrossed in a good novel, play , or movie or perhaps experiencing ‘highway hypnosis’ when driving long distances. We shut out the outside world and get lost in our reverie.

As one relaxes deeply in hypnosis, the critical factor of the mind is set aside so that one can focus deeply on the healing suggestions. Hypnosis is a very subtle tool. It works by changing attitudes, beliefs, habits, and perceptions.

Through the years as I have worked with others, I realized the truth within was buried beneath layers of anger, hurt, judgment, trauma, resentment and past negative experiences. When we go within during hypnosis, we are accessing the subconscious mind and guiding it to remove blocks, thus beginning to build upon beautiful resources , strengths and capabilities that were within all along.

As we clear out these blocks which were preventing one from loving and accepting self, those previous negative experiences are cleared.   We are then free to create new positive , healing and loving messages. This leads us to understand our true selves, our true purpose , passion and mission which were beneath the previous layers of pain , negativity and fear.

We are free to renew our minds with good uplifting and nurturing thoughts , feelings and beliefs.   Those based on self love, self worth, self value, and self esteem. We can transform and renew our lives through the renewing of our mind.   As the inner and outer self align, new possibilities begin to open up and life becomes filled with exciting possibilities.

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