Relax and Renew

Today  I read the following quote by  Judith Hansen Lasater: “Taking time out each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.”    When I read this quote, I thought once again of how essential it is to reduce the stress in our lives.  To become aware that we have the power within us to take back control of our lives , in order to relax and  to renew our minds with positive and uplifting thoughts and ideas.

I wanted to list a few techniques and principles that will help to reduce stress and bring forth what you desire in your life:

Focus on what you want~ Specific or general.  Remember to focus on you want and not what you don’t want, as your mind focuses on expands and will bring your either, depending on which one you  focus on.


Repeat what you want over and over to yourself ~ and focus on it all the time–or as often as you are able.  You do not want or need to tell anyone else.  Keep this in concentrated form.


Create a strong desire for what you want ~ as this will increase the intensity of your thoughts and focus.


Speak to yourself in positive words ~ indicating that you are anticipating excellent results.


Create visual symbols of what you are creating for your life ~ these can be inner visualizations or outer forms.  Create them to be as lively and colorful as you like.


Make a special notebook of your dreams and wishes ~ It is good to have it written down, but any form will do.  Write down anything you aspire to or would like to have.


Do a “mirror technique’ ~ with yourself by looking into your own eyes while looking into a mirror.  Repeat your powerful , positive phrase while looking into your own eyes.  Louise Hay author of the book: “You Can Heal Your Life.”   Relays that the mirror technique is very powerful and she has used it for decades to manifest what she desires for her life.  It is especially powerful in reducing stress and anxiety and bringing forth thoughts and feelings of calmness and serenity.


Imagine there is a dimmer switch in your mind ~ begin by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath.  Imagine there is a room in your mind with a dimmer switch, this switch can slow down or turn off your thoughts.  Locating the switch and when you are ready, turn the switch down or off completely.   Knowing that you alone control the switch and can turn it back on whenever you like.   As you feel calmer, imagine that you have a calm, still lake in the center of your body.  A peaceful , clear lake filled with fresh , still water.  Let yourself feel calm and still as this lake.  Pause for as long as you like .  When you are ready to return , simply turn your switch back on and slowly open your eyes.


As you do the above techniques, you  begin to take back control of your life, learning how to relax your body and mind.  Manifesting what you desire for you life and bringing it forth into every aspect of your life in very powerful and positive ways.




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