Protecting Your Energy

Many times we think of protecting our home, cars, valuables and so on yet we do not think of protecting our energy.  This is why we may often feel drained after speaking to a loved one who is ‘needy’ or after being in a crowded mall and other public places. We do not realize that others are unconsciously ‘plugging’  into our energy. We arrive home feeling exhausted and drained yet unsure as to why we feel this way.  Thus, it is very important that we cleanse our energetic field and ‘plug in’ to refill our depleted stores.

One way to cleanse our home, work environment or even car after a long day is through saging. You can purchase a sage stick (also known as ‘smudging’) to burn or you can purchase ‘smokeless ‘ sage that is misted.  Sage cleanses your environment so that you do not pick up the negative energy. It is important to go into corners with the sage stick or spray.  If burning sage, please open a window for proper ventilation and also be careful extinguishing it afterwards.  So when saging, go into each corner and even behind doors , starting in the lowest level of the house as you say whatever prayer is most meaningful to you.

In order to ‘plug in’ and replenish ourselves , it is also important to be centered and grounded. You can imagine a grounding cord that starts at the base of your spine and traveling all the way down into the center of the earth. Then release down the grounding cord, all drain, worry, fear, anxiety, stress, unfinished projects, anyone pulling at your energy etc.  Breathe slowly and deeply as you do this and then Imagine the grounding cord is flexible and goes with you throughout the day.  In this way, you continually release down the grounding cord any negativity and pull up the nourishing energy of the earth through the cord.

Finally, after cleansing and grounding , it is important to shield ourselves.  This can be done in many ways, you can imagine a bubble of white light surrounding you, or a golden net which allows only positive energy to flow in or out.  Or perhaps a column of white light that surrounds you completely.  In this way, you can go about your day and feel the protection of this Divine White Light.  It provides a sense of boundaries so that your energy is not drained by others.  You will feel more energetic and able to love others even more as you come from this place of feeling centered, grounded, protected and safe.

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