Mansion with Many Rooms Meditation

My very good friend, Chris Morris, created this beautiful meditation.  It reminds us that we are Spiritual beings having a human existence.  That our Purpose is to reconnect to the core of who we truly are. Knowing that at this core lies great wisdom, power, resources and truth.  We need only tap into that True Self in order to connect to our Beauty, our Gifts and our Worth:

“My energy system is a beautiful mansion with many rooms.  Through many lifetimes , I have created rooms with the raw material of my life experience.  These rooms contain my gifts, talents, challenges and fears.  These rooms are furnished in styles from many different historical periods and they are not necessarily cohesive.  When I am standing in one isolated room, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that the other rooms exist.  I don’t have a clear sense of the layout of the mansion, and there’s no way to navigate easily between the rooms.

The purpose of this lifetime is to reclaim and connect and appreciate these rooms.  This is my lifetime for healing and reclamation and discovering my authentic purpose.  I am the decorator of this house , and god is the architect.  I surrender to God’s blueprint even when I’m unable to see it clearly.

I now open the doors and windows of this mansion to the light of my Higher Self, the self that is one with God.  As the light pours through windows and doors, I can see more clearly the beauty of the rooms and the possibilities for them.  I can see where the new hallways ( neural pathways) can be created to enhance connections.  I can build new doorways and clean out dusty corners.  I see where the light wants to go and follow it.  It is up to me to integrate these rooms, to claim all this richness, and to create in this world.

The only thing I have to fear is the untransformed fear and trauma from past experiences.  My power lies in the now.  I have access to unbelievable resources of knowledge, wisdom, gifts and talents.  As I connect my inner world , my outer world becomes more connected and cohesive.  I no longer feel like I have split personalities –that is: one at work, one at home and with friends.  I Am who I Am who I Am. This is my house.  All of this abundance is mine.  I now manifest my tremendous creativity in ways that are fulfilling , satisfying, and purposeful.  The more I share, the more rich I become.

I integrate my head and my heart, who I am at work, and who I am at home.  I enjoy being physical as much as being spiritual.  I enjoy alone time and I enjoy time with others.  I love being an ordinary person who deeply appreciates her life.  I bless my house with laughter that rings from room to room and floor to floor.

I am more and more powerful as I use “and” instead of “or.”  I release polarities and embrace the incredible richness of who I am.  I am whole and perfect.  I release fears/ghosts and I open to more richness and beauty.  Nothing needs to be added to my house.  It’s about enhancing connections and flow.

I am a mansion with many rooms.

Amen and So Be It.

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