Transform Fear

How to Transform Fear

Through my personal and professional experience, I have seen how many of us get pulled into negativity and fear.   This comes about through our negative, critical thoughts and our reactions to events and others.

So how can we keep our minds in a more positive state?  How can we think positive thoughts and experience positive emotions no matter what is happening within or around us?  Where do these negative/fearful patterns come from?   If you believe in reincarnation, you might have the understanding that we all bring to this lifetime thoughts and patterns from other existences.  From things that have happened to us and difficult events that have had a significant impact upon us.  When something triggers these old patterns, you may become fearful and desperate to heal them.   These patterns keep recurring so that they can be transformed.  Things occur over and over again so that finally we can heal them.

Thus, we need to find the positive part of Self in order to heal ; finally heal those old negative, fearful patterns.   There are things we can do to heal and transform them and  I wish to share some of those ways with you.

Within each us, at our very core, lies our Higher Self or True Self.   This part of ourselves is very wise, loving, peaceful, compassionate, and forgiving.  It is also known as the ‘crown jewel state’ because our Higher Self can create true Spiritual healing power.  When we go to this place within ourselves, then it is impossible to maintain  these negative, fearful thoughts and feelings.  Thus, it is very important to  reach and connect to this  core as often as possible ——which leads most likely to the next question:  How do we get to this core of Self?

One way of doing it is through meditation or self hypnosis.   As a hypnotherapist , I can share a wonderful quick process to do self hypnosis and begin to transform fear and negativity.   The first step is to lie down or sit down in a comfortable position , close your eyes and begin to breathe in slowly and exhale deeply five times.  Then raise your index finger and put it down ; next count backwards slowly from 5 to 1.  Then, put your thumb and index finger together and say silently ” I am deeply relaxed.”   While in this deeply relaxed state you can reach that core of yourself, your Higher Self, True Self.   You can then become the witness to your fears and negativity.   You have the ability here to step back, detach and see these fears from this Higher perspective.  As you become aware of these fearful thoughts, see if you can just allow them and become aware of your ability to transform them.  You can do this with a special type of breathing; breathe into the issue , allow it and notice how it feels inside of you.  And as you exhale, you breathe it out.  You break it up into tiny little molecules and you disperse it or dissolve it into the universe, into the cosmos.  And you do this as many times as you need to or want to.  a nice deep breath in, exhale it out .  Break it up into tiny little molecules and send it out to the universe and disperse it.  Then ask your Higher Self for some Wisdom , what would it like for you to know about these feelings or situation?   What could you do that would help you to heal this?    When you are ready to emerge into a wide awake , fully alert state simply count from 1 to 5 , open your eyes and reorient to your surroundings.

As you are in the process of releasing fear and negativity, you may tell yourself, “No , i am not going to do that.  I am not going to think that way any longer.  I am not having that kind of thinking in my life anymore.”  And you can put your thumb and index finger together and say, ” I am free of fear, I am healing myself now.”

It is very  important for us to honor our feelings , not push them away but please pay attention to them. As the old adage says ; “What we resist, persists.”   So, please pay attention to them, connect to Higher Self through self hypnosis, and  allow, experience,  explore , examine, reframe and release those fearful feelings.

All of our feelings wish to be honored, they wish to be invited in and explored and healed.  As the great Sufi poet Rumi  once said: ” Invite everyone in.  All your feelings, your fear, your anger , your grief.  Invite them in to sit around the table with you.  Who knows , they may be gifts from beyond.”

So please pay attention to your  negative , fearful thoughts and feelings.  When you pay attention to them, they automatically shift.  That is the first step —–then you may explore and heal through self hypnosis and connecting to the Wise True Self who always has great wisdom and answers.  You may reinforce your healing through making that simple connection between the thumb and index finger and say: “I am free of fear, I am healing myself now.”  As you continue to connect to your Higher Self, you step back and go into a higher reality in which the potential for transformation is very great —-leading you to the healing you so deserve and desire.

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