Holiday Stress

Though the Holidays can be exciting and a time to reconnect with loved ones, they can also cause  stress and anxiety.  Some stressors include:  gifts to be wrapped, financial burdens in buying gifts and other holiday preparations, invitations to parties, obligations, expectations from self and others and many times the burden of family tradition.   Also, unfortunately, there is fear and anxiety surrounding the situation with COVID.

However, with practical tips, you can help reduce the stress of the holidays.  Some helpful tips are acknowledging your feelings.  Not forcing yourself to be happy just because it is the holidays.  Taking the time to express your feelings perhaps writing your feelings down in a private journal.  This can be very purging and cleansing.   Also, honoring self is extremely important, thus, it is very essential to learn to say no.   If we say yes we really know we will feel overburdened, overwhelmed and so on, it can leaves us feeling resentful, angry and frustrated.  Friends and family will understand if you cannot participate in every activity or wish to change a family ‘tradition.’  As you begin to put the above practices into place, using a mantra is also very helpful , as we learn a new way of being.  For example, breathing in deeply and slowly into your tummy as you think the word ‘strong’ and exhaling slowly through your mouth as you think the word “calm’  three times in a row.  You can utilize this healing technique as many times throughout the day as needed.   The mind learns through repetition , so each time you practice this technique, you are building new neural connections to your healthy new responses.   Each time you choose to utilize this technique, you may find yourself filling up with just the right amount of strength and calmness that you need at that particular moment in time, to deal with whatever has come up for you.

Making time for yourself is also very beneficial , just spending 15 -20 minutes by yourself can re-center , ground and clear your energy.   Please visit for two articles I have written with specific ways to overcome stress , quickly and easily in the midst of any busy day or time.  Also, please visit my website: for podcasts on overcoming stress .  Each podcast concludes with a healing guided hypnosis meditation.

Happy Holidays and please be kind and loving to yourself 🙂  Mary

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