Healing Your Inner World

“You had the power all along, my dear!”   These words are from Glinda, the ‘good witch’, a character in the movie: “The Wizard of Oz.”    These words remind us about our power to go back home and reminding us about our power to go within to the Source of everything.

When we go within ourselves we access our inner world.  This is where our True Self resides, it is here that we connect to the energy of Unconditional love of  self and others, Light, Wisdom, Peace, Compassion , Forgiveness and Healing.

It is very important for each of us to access this place of inner healing.   It reminds me of “The Story of the Oyster.”   ” If you know how to observe nature, you will see that it continuously offers us ways to solve our problems. For example, how does an oyster make a pearl?  First of all, a grain of sand falls into its shell, and this grain of sand is a problem, an irritant.  “Oh,’ says the oyster, ‘how can I get rid of this?  It is scratching me ; it irritates me.  What can I do?’  It begins to think; it concentrates ; it meditates……And one day it begins to secrete a special substance that envelops this irritating grain of sand in such a way that it becomes smooth, velvety and polished.  And when it has succeeded, it is happy and says to itself: ” I have overcome a difficulty , I have transformed it!’  This is the lesson of the pearl oyster.  It teaches you to go within , that by means of thought, you can envelop your worries and frustrations in a luminous, iridescent substance, and in doing so , you amass extraordinary riches within you.  True spiritualists are those who know how to work on their problems and turn them into precious pearls.”  ~~Omraam Michael Aivanhov-prosveta.com

As we go within , we find gifts, healing at deep levels.  Some ways to get there are meditation, prayer, mantras , breathing and working with the mind for spiritual comfort and self realization.

One effective way to go within is a technique utilizing self hypnosis .  You can either sit down or lie down in a comfortable position  and close your eyes.  Then take a nice slow breath in and let it out slowly five times. Next, count backwards from five to one.  When you reach one, put your thumb and index finger together on either hand and just allow yourself to relax.  Think to yourself this phrase: ” I am completely relaxed.”

As you reach this place of your inner world, a place of profound healing deep at the core of your True Self. First allowing yourself to experience anything that might be going on inside.  Just allow yourself to experience it as the witness.  Just watch it without judging, without wishing to change.  And now you are able to relate it , to just let it go , if you like.  Perhaps you can imagine that somehow if it’s time for it to let go, it will let go.  Maybe it will turn into another form, a liquid, or a little tiny molecule of energy.  Or a form that is easy to let go of.   You may want to breath into it and just let it go, taking several deep slow breaths as you continue to breathe into it and let it go.

Now, Imagine yourself feel good, you may wish to also imagine some other type of transformation.  Perhaps its turning into light or the feelings of love.  Perhaps the feelings of great well being and maybe some profound wisdom is coming to you.   If that is the case, if there is some wisdom that wants to come through, just allow it to come through.   Listen carefully so your True Self can share with you anything it is ready to share.  Whenever you are ready to come fully back to a wide awake fully alert state you can do so at anytime by simply opening your eyes and saying to yourself: “I am fully alert and awake.”

While you in this self hypnotic state, if there is anything within that is in need of healing, you can bring light and Divine presence to this part. You can bring light or use beautiful golden balls of light .  Let them remove and transform anything within you for which its time to transform.   Just bring the light to yourself, the beautiful healing light .  Let it come from inside of you and let it come from outside of you.  To you as beams of beautiful healing light.  You can ask your True Self which resides in this very deep level within to just let things go , and transform them , as you move from darkness into light; entering a new level of your life.  You’ve come to a state of Oneness , finding comfort and peace .  You are connected with the great power of inner healing.   You know that as you access this inner world, that love, healing power, kindness, consciousness and God flow through you as you.  Bringing all this healing forth into every aspect of your daily life , becoming a permanent part of you and permanent part of your personality and reality.

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