Essential Steps For Body/Mind Balance

This  post is a reprint from a wonderful article on the essential nature of balance by Katherine Zimmerman who is an internationally known writer and speaker  as well as the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy:

‘As a culture we are hell-bent on accomplishing tasks, aren’t we?  We strive to be more productive, to book a few more activities, to achieve one more goal, see one more movie , read all the books that we can….it’s just endless.’

‘We are too often overbooked, overwhelmed, overworked and rushing from one activity to another, completely ignoring our inner needs.  We can keep up that pace for quite awhile but eventually there is a price to pay.’

‘Before I moved to San Diego  I was working six and one-half days a week, every week for several years.  I was attempting to make enough money to cover my overhead and provide myself with an income. it was exhausting.  I felt as if I was dancing as fast as I could , but never fast enough.’

‘Naturally, when I arrived her I decided to take four months off to rest up and get settled.  I ended up taking a year and four months off.  And that’s what I mean when I say there is a price to pay.’

‘So here are some ideas that you may wish to incorporate into you life to help you live a more balanced life.’

‘For your mental health , practice meditation or self hypnosis.  Just 15 minutes a day will make a significant difference.  Even if you have to wake up 15 minutes earlier to fit this in, it will be worth it.’

‘To enhance your emotional health, spend time with people you love. Reach out and connect with like-minded friends and family.  They really are just a phone call away.’

‘Physical bodies love to stretch. Did you know that even five minutes of yoga breathing and stretches will help you to feel more comfortable in your body?  I bought a DVD on chair yoga a few years ago.  Now I do my stretches while the water heats for my morning tea.  And I think that is the key: lock your new activity to something else that you do daily.’

‘As for your spiritual health,  connect in whatever way fits into your belief system, but connect.  Whether you’re connecting with your inner self, Source, God, or nature, make that connection part of your daily routine.’

‘Since I wrote this article I have followed my own suggestions .  I was already doing most of it but still working every other waking minute.   I’m more committed now to allowing myself to just be.  Be still. Be open. Be receptive. Be present.’

‘The result? I live a more serene , peaceful and yet still productive live .  Perhaps more productive since when I do work I am full present.  Do I stay in this mindset all day every day ? No, I don’t.  But it is easier now to return to it when I wander off track.’

‘What small change can you make today to bring your life back into balance?’

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