Flip Negative Thoughts

Flip Negative Thoughts

More than ever, many clients are asking for help in overcoming negative thinking. It’s natural for our minds, unfortunately, to search for the negatives and likely dates back to the days when we had to be on high alert for wild animals and anticipate danger or threats—because our survival depended on it!

Today we don’t have to worry about our survival from the wilds, but often find ourselves stressed and overly anxious about life. And, if you have struggled with depression , stress or anxiety, you understand how difficult it is to flip those negative thoughts into more positive ones.

So how can we help, how can we learn to recognize distorted thoughts and then turn them upside down? With the help of hypnosis , my clients and others utilizing hypnosis, can change the deeply held negative beliefs about themselves and the world around them. Thus, being able to take control of their lives and manage depression , anxiety and stress.

In my latest podcast , ‘Flip Negative Thoughts ‘, you can experience two healing meditations to help tap into fears or blocks that may prevent you from releasing the hold of negative thinking. through this meditations, you can begin to replace old programming based on negative experiences with an accurate self assessment based on an adult recognition of your strengths . you can begin to erase old negative labels and learn forgiveness for any mistakes. Letting go of old rules about who you should have been, how you should act, and what you should feel. Instead, telling your unconscious mind that you have always done your best, that you have legitimate needs and that you are worthwhile.

Please visit my website: to access these latest podcasts as well as previous ones. In addition, in the store tab, you will find a free healing hypnosis meditation titled: “Living with Inner Peace.” Also, I will be teaching a live Zoom class ” Secrets of Relieving Stress and Anxiety with Hypnosis” on Saturday July 9th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm We will learn about the power of hypnosis to alleviate stress and anxiety. In addition , we will learn 3 powerful , effective yet quick stress releasing techniques and also learn a self hypnosis practice. Also, you will experience 2 guided healing hypnosis meditations designed to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Please contact me through my website : with any questions and also to register for the July 9th live Zoom class. I would love to hear from you and honored to clarify any questions you may have. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share this information with you and also I greatly appreciate your sharing this with anyone whom you think will benefit from this newsletter.

Namaste, Mary

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