Visualizing Yourself as You Wish to Be

There is a potential  that lies inside in seed form that is what you are becoming.  You might be able to see it or feel it or just know it is there.  It is extremely valuable and powerful to be able to birth a new vision for yourself, your life, and the world on the level of the deep inner mind.

Through the utilization of self hypnosis, you can enter the deeper levels of the mind and create and bring forth your desired goals.   When in self hypnosis, we enter a trance state and can thus communicate effectively and directly with our unconscious mind.  We can begin to challenge those deeply held negative beliefs.  You can replace your old programming from childhood with an accurate self assessment based on your present knowledge and recognition of strengths.  You can let go of the old rules about who you should have been, how you should act, and what you should feel.  You can release those ‘shoulds’ in your life through the use of self hypnosis and reconnect to who you truly are.  Your true potential.

In self hypnosis, you are defining a goal you wish to reach; birthing that new vision for yourself and your life.  In defining what you want, you are taking back control of your life and also being very clear about what you wish to bring into your life.   Visualizing what you want to happen , what you want to create in your life,  not what you do not wish to happen.  Visualization  is a powerful, proven technique for refining your self image and making important changes in your life.  When you visualize what you want in trance in the state of self hypnosis, imagining these positive scenes, you begin to manifest it into your life.

The interesting thing about visualization, is that whether or not you believe in its effectiveness, it does not matter.  That is, your mind is structured in such  a way that visualization works because your mind cannot tell the difference between a visualization and an actual event.  Since the mind controls the body, it causes a similar physiological reaction to imaginary experiences as to real experiences.  For example, studies at Stanford University have proven via pet scans that the brain reacts the same way whether something is real or imagined.  In these studies, the brain lit up exactly the same way if the individual saw the color red or it the individual only imagined the color red.

You are using visualization in our life right now.  However, if one has self esteem issues for example, that person does it in reverse.  He or she visualizes and subsequently chooses the negative path.  That person may see himself or herself as unworthy and so expect and choose to lose, be rejected , to be disappointed, to be depressed and to be anxious.  Unfortunately, we gravitate towards negative and painful situations and people.   However, in self hypnosis, the positive affirmations repeated in trance begin to take effect.  After repeating the affirmations and taking oneself into hypnosis, you see self achieving your goal.  You visualize yourself with the new patterns of behavior you so desire.   You hear self saying to others how the new , positive behavior and attitude is working in your life.  Finally, allowing self to really feel this difference on this very deep level of the mind.

These positive visualizations come forth and merge with these new , positive, healthy , loving and life affirming thoughts and feelings.  The old negative programming will let go as you practice daily self hypnosis.

If you wish to learn more about self hypnosis, please join me in the next self hypnosis class offered 4/21/18.  Please visit my website: for more information .   Experience for yourself the power of positive visualization and begin the process of healthy, positive change in your life.

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