Overcome Anxiety

Great Savings! Each of these recordings is designed to overcome a specific fear and allow the problem to be resolved. Each recording in this set may be purchased separately.


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Part 11 of the “Heal and Transform Your Life” Collection

Certain types of anxiety can be beneficial , however, anxiety that is abnormal and excessive becomes a real burden.

This recording can enable you to be completely free from abnormal/excessive anxiety. Helping you achieve peace and calmness in all areas of your life.




  1. Darlene L.

    After listening to this recording, I am putting things in their proper perspective without magnifying them or letting them get out of proportion. Really helpful, Thanks!

  2. Betty P.

    During the pandemic, my anxiety went through the roof, as it has for many. Mary’s words helped my unconscious mind to let go of the panicky thoughts and restored a sense of control. My family has really noticed the difference and thank her too!

  3. Kris M.

    Finally, I feel a sense of being to relax into life no matter what is going on around me. I also feel more connected spiritually and feel a sense of trust and safety. It’s a great feeling.

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