Secrets Of Relieving Stress And Anxiety

How To Find The True Self Within – Secrets Of Relieving Stress And Anxiety

Mary Sidhwani’s New Book

Who am I really? Why can’t I reach my goals in life? Why am I so stressed and anxious? What is it that would make me truly happy? What is my true path, purpose and passion, what is the truth within me?

These questions, among others, are those we ask ourselves at some point our lives. They beg us to answer what would make us truly happy, content, fulfilled.

“How to Find the True Self Within: Secrets of Relieving Stress and Anxiety”, incorporates the principles of hypnosis, meditation, and other techniques to help you find the true self within, and bring forth an abiding sense of inner peace, balance, and calmness into your daily life.

You will Learn :
Throughout the book, self-help expert, Mary Sidhwani, RN, PsyD, will guide you chapter-by-chapter in the techniques and processes she uses with her patients every day in her practice. You will learn:

How to find your true self within.

How to find inner peace and calm.

How to heal yourself with hypnotherapy.

How to relieve stress and anxiety.

The methods are easy to follow and regardless of your experience level, you can succeed. If you’re serious about relieving stress and anxiety, and finding lasting peace, calmness and happiness, this is the book you’ve been waiting for!
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See also the ideal audio companion, the 6 CD/mp3 series, “How to Find the True Self Within: Secrets to Relieving Stress and Anxiety.” Each recording reflects a chapter of this book.. Click here for more information.

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