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I was honored to be a guest on Connie Bowman’s wonderful podcast: “Healthy Happy You!”    on 10/01/15  We recorded two podcasts;  the first is answers questions about hypnotherapy—-dispelling myths, fears and misconceptions.  Also, providing information about the use of hypnotherapy as a very powerful tool to transform our lives.

The second podcast speaks about coping and healing from a  breast cancer diagnosis and my personal experience with a diagnosis of breast cancer in October 2013.   I was honored to share my experience and the insights , awareness and wisdom gleaned as I wended my way through this journey.   I spoke about the realization that the storms and challenges in our lives equal transformation.  As we tap into the power of the mind, we find strengths, resources and wisdom, all which bring us through these challenges and remain with us.

By learning my way through the darkness of my storm, my intent, deepest desire and hope is that my story on this podcast will bring you through your own storm safely , calmly , reassuring you and bringing you to the healing you so deserve.


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